Anno XVI, numero 251 - Luglio 2021

Dear Madam/Sir,
Bettini is glad to inform you that it’s available our new price list, that you can download from this link:

Recently we crossed – like anybody – a difficult situation due to the “Chip shortage”, afflicting any company and any sector, since months and months. Is it still difficult to arrange any potential forecast about the end of this situation: nevertheless we don’t stop and through our staff we continuously serve the market finding new solutions. Crisis periods are useful to take out the best of the people: and in Bettini we can proudly say that our people are doing their best. Our range of recorders (Dvrs/Nvrs and servers) and cameras is still brimful, even if some DVR model is temporarily not available: by the way we still keep the best in quality, functionalities and features, reminding you the complete versatility of our recorders totally developed and manufactured in our company.

During last months the security market crossed a storm, related to several reasons: we are here, keeping high our values, totally respecting the roles of a ISO:9001 certied company, and the environment around us. The certification ISO:14001 is more than just a brand. It is the testimony of a concrete commitment to protect our planet. If you don't know us yet, download our updated price list and contact us. We will be pleased to let you discover the "BETTINI EXPERIENCE".

Best Regards

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