Anno XVI, numero 267 - Novembre 2021
Bettini Srl celebrates its 25th anniversary
Bettini and GAMS yesterday
Bettini was founded in 1996 as a distributor of video surveillance systems based near Milan, and rapidly expands throughout Italy also thanks to its branches in Rome, Florence and Bologna. The flagship product becomes the innovative GAMS digital video recorder. This brand is acquired by Bettini in 2004 and in 2007 it incorporates also the GAMS development and production company (2007). Bettini starts a new and long phase of development. In 2011 all departments converge in the new Saronno headquarters.

Bettini Srl compie 25 anni
Bettini e GAMS today
Bettini business is based on the Made in Italy development and production of GAMS branded devices and softwares. The company offers an important range of services, with the aim of supporting the customer in learning about its solutions and in the design, installation and management of video surveillance systems. Now, the Bettini staff has over 50 people. In 2020 Bettini successfully begins expanding into the foreign market.
Bettini and GAMS tomorrow
The offer of Made in Italy technologies is and will remain the core of Bettini development strategy, guaranteeing quality and compliance with privacy and cyber security regulations.  Bettini strongly believes in expanding the internationalization of its market, also driven by the excellent results obtained despite the global pandemic. Another topic is the expansion to other businesses. The data collected by modern video technologies can indeed be used for purposes other than security such as the optimization of retail sales and of logistics processes, traffic monitoring and so on.
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