GAMS Cyber Security

GAMS products are designed and developed to comply "by design" with the most modern Cyber ​​​​Security criteria. Constant research and firmware updates allow devices to maintain high levels of security over time and be protected from all new cyber threats.

GAMS – Secure by Design

The cyber security of GAMS devices is based on the "secure by design" principle. Products and control procedures are designed to ensure that the firmware is constantly updated to prevent cyber-attacks. 

Specific penetration tests are frequently performed through a well-established process which leads to periodic update releases. Furthermore, End Users belonging to high-risk industries often conduct specific cyber security tests on GAMS systems. 

The software and firmware of GAMS video recording systems are designed and developed in Italy by the Bettini R&D department to ensure high quality in terms of cyber security and compliance with privacy regulations.

In the development of GAMS software and firmware, all prevention criteria against cyber-attacks are respected

To reduce the number of attack vectors, only the packages that are necessary for the functioning of the specific system are installed.

Encryption is used on video recordings stored on the machine "at rest", during "in transit" communications - where standard encryption algorithms like HTTPS with TLS version 1.2 or higher are used - and during video export in native format.

The encryption key is also tied to the unique device code, making it impossible to view the recorded content on any other device.

Among the special features, it is possible to centralize the management of users and passwords for greater control and security through the LDAP protocol. GAMS offers its own Cloud service based on the peer-to-peer protocol for saving device directories and accessing the DVR/NVR through GAMS desktop or mobile applications, which are installed on the devices.  

The GAMS Cloud services datacenters are located in Italy.


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