GAMS Special features

GAMS video recording devices have a series of special functions that distinguish the product on the market in terms of usability, reliability and safety.

Special features of Gams recording systems

GAMS products are designed to provide a user-friendly experience and to operate in compliance with privacy regulations and the most modern Cyber Security criteria.

GNext (Reception of Push Notifications)

The GNext application, among other functions, enables the immediate reception of push notifications on mobile devices triggered by alarms generated by DVRs/NVRs. Through the same notification it is possible to instantly access the recorded images related to the alarm. GNext also allows you to receive the diagnostic status of the DVRs/NVRs and of the connected cameras.

Extended diagnostics

GAMS DVRs/NVRs feature an automatic diagnostic tool that enables local and/or remote notifications and alerts regarding the proper functioning of the systems or the occurrence of faults, indicating their type as well. The diagnostic capability can be remotely accessed using SNMP or the proprietary GAMS protocol through the SGDiag software. Additionally, through the GNext App, real-time events can be received on smartphones and tablets via push notifications.

RUE (Remote USB Export)

The RUE (Remote USB Export) function makes it possible to carry out an assisted and remotely controlled back-up through the USB port (e.g., from an Operations Centre) without the need for any support from the staff of the video surveillance site. Simultaneously with the backup process, the GAMS Player is loaded onto the external USB device, making the recording accessible on any password-protected PC.

Backup to NAS

GAMS DVRs/NVRs allow the operator to manually or automatically export and backup the recorded images to NAS at designated time slots.

Home Privacy

The Home Privacy function allows the operator to disable one or more video inputs based on events or specific time slots. By interfacing an alarm input of the DVR/NVR to an external command (e.g., arming/disarming of a burglar alarm system), it is possible to obscure or make visible designated cameras according to the Home Privacy schedule. This function is useful in cases where, due to regulatory requirements, it is necessary to manually or automatically (during specific time slots) deactivate the recording of certain areas without directly intervening on the cameras. If a different alarm input is triggered on the video recorder (e.g., a robbery), the disabled cameras will resume their normal function. In the "Disabled" state, the cameras will not be visible either locally or remotely and will not be recorded.


The P2P/Cloud function grants the operator access to DVRs/NVRs through NAT traversal or through the GAMS relay server.  Thanks to this function, it is no longer necessary to open ports on the router as in the direct connection mode and it is also possible to reach the device in the case of "dynamic public IP" or "NAT-ted external network".

Weekend - Dynamic management of recording day limit (Privacy)

The weekend function enables the automatic and dynamic extension of the recording conservation time in weekends or mid-week holidays. In cases where there are obligations to limit the image storage to 24 or 48 hours, the function allows the end user to easily increase the recording time during the closing period.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) e Kerberos

The LDAP and Kerberos functions enable the remote management of login credentials, authorization levels and the type of permissions assigned to each user for all the devices configured in the domain.

Registration encryption and hard disk protection

Encryption is used to hermetically protect the recordings through a 128-bit cryptographic algorithm, which prevents anyone who does not have the decoding keys from reading the data stored in the archive. Further protection is guaranteed by the impossibility of reproducing images contained in a hard disk that has been removed from one device and installed on another, even if the latter is of the same model.

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Privacy Compliance​
GAMS devices are fully compliant with privacy regulations.​
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Cyber Security
GAMS products always guarantee high cyber security standards.​
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GAMS solutions are compatible with third-party systems. 
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GAMS production process is totally environment-friendly. 
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Bettini organizes specific training courses about GAMS products.​
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