GSP - Gams Service Pack

With GSP – Gams Service Pack you can obtain further warranties and advantages for your video recording systems and cameras.

GSP extra services for GAMS products

GSP is the innovative service package created to offer customers different after-sales advantages over time and protect their investment with a small expense.

Gams Service Pack includes:

  • Extension of the standard GAMS warranty by 24 months (total warranty period: 48 months)
  • Product replacement within 3 working days throughout the entire warranty period 
  • Free shipping of the replacement product 
  • 25% discount on the GAMS spare-parts price list for repairments not covered by warranty 
  • Option to purchase GSP up to 60 days after product delivery.

GSP can be used for all GAMS products including Sfera series IP cameras. 

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Gams Academy
Bettini organizes specific training courses about GAMS products.​
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GAMS production process is totally environment-friendly. 
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Made in Italy
GAMS products are designed and manufactured in Italy by Bettini.​
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Special features
GAMS video recording systems feature useful special functions.​
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GAMS solutions are compatible with third-party systems.​
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