Consulting, design and sales engineering

Bettini offers consulting services and design support for video surveillance systems of any size and complexity to raise security standards and guarantee maximum efficiency.  

Sales engineering studies the best technological solution based on the customer's needs evaluating the products available on the market, with specific focus on system integration.

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Privacy consultancy

Bettini Privacy Officer, who is TÜV certified and Federprivacy member, provides consultancy regarding privacy regulations applied to video surveillance systems. This allows industry operators to be constantly updated through specialized training and resolve regulatory uncertainties.

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Testing and configuration of systems

The technical department takes care of configuring and wiring in advance the devices for complex systems to speed up the on-site installation process and guarantee the correct functioning of the whole structure. Bettini experts will also provide suitable documentation to facilitate the start-up of the system.

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On-site support and system start-up

Another key service that Bettini offers is on-site assistance for configuration, start-up and testing of systems. The service is aimed at supporting all operators who decide employ new technologies for the implementation of complex solutions. This activity is often accompanied by technical training.

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After-sales technical assistance

Bettini takes care of customers in all phases of the after-sales process thanks to a team of qualified technicians in the technical department. The efficiency of the service ensures timely and professional responses to meet every need and enable a proper use of the systems over time. Go to the Tecnical Hub.

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Repair service

In the event of a faulty product, Bettini makes qualified specialists available to quickly and effectively repair the device so as to minimize system downtime. Go to the Tecnical Hub.

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GSP: Gams Service Pack

Gams Service Pack is available for a wide selection of GAMS products. GSP consists of a package of services that can be purchased together with the devices to obtain multiple advantages regarding the warranty and repair service. Find out more about GSP here.

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